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Testing News
Next Week, 5/7 - 5/11, will wrap up our last FULL week of testing -- with the exception of Algebra I, all scheduled testing will be complete by the end of next week

Monday, 5/7 -- make ups, if necessary, and individual testing in some buildings

Tuesday, 5/8
5th grade writing @ Upper
Math Session 1 for all students @ Middle School
Biology I @ High School

Wednesday, 5/9
3rd and 4th grade writing @ Upper
Math Session 2 for all students @ Middle School
US History @ High School

Thursday, 5/10
5th grade Science @ Upper

Friday, 5/11
8th grade Science @ Middle

Tuesday, 5/15
Algebra I @ both Middle and high School

We have until 5/18/18 to make up tests for any student -- testing window closes at 3:00 on 5/18/18

Please continue to motivate, encourage, and lift up our students -- testing season can be hard on all of us... Time to finish strong!!!
HSD Wins MSBA Lighthouse Leader Lantern Award
HSD Wins MSBA Lighthouse Leader Lantern Award
Congratulations to the Houston School Board for receiving the Mississippi School Board Association's Lighthouse Leader Lantern award. This is the first time Houston has received this honor. We appreciate our school board and all they do to help our school and community! School board members include Dr. Daniel Heeringa, Mr. Hugh Pettit, Ms. Christine Gates, Ms. Carol Byrne and Mr. Thomas Howell.
HSD TOY/AOY 2017-2018
HSD TOY/AOY 2017-2018
HSD teachers and administrators of the year were recognized at the school board meeting Thursday, March 8, 2018. (Left to Right) Tina Smith (HLES); Carol Lancaster (HMS); Mitch Rish (HHS); Trevor Hampton (AOY-HUES); Esther Earnest (HCTE); and Morgan Moss (HUES)
National School Breakfast Week
National School Breakfast Week is March 5-9, and the Houston School District has reason to celebrate! Since implementing “Grab and Go Breakfast” this past year, breakfast participation has increased district wide. Houston High School has doubled its breakfast participation. Breakfast is important! Research shows that eating breakfast at school improves academic performance, health and behavior. Breakfast is available to every student at HSD for free this year thanks to federal grant money.
HSD Wins PREPS Awards
HSD Wins PREPS Awards
Congratulations to the Houston School District for winning multiple PREPS (The Program of Research and Evaluation for Public Schools) awards today! These honors identify high performing schools.
2018 Kindergarten Registration

Parent Survey Title I

3 months ago

As we continuously seek to improve the Houston School District, we want to know how you, as a parent or guardian, feel the schools and the district are doing to meet your needs. The information that you provide will help us evaluate and improve how our schools, families, and parents work together to help all our students achieve academically. All information provided is confidential and will be used to assist us with future planning for parental involvement activities and events throughout the district. Your opinions and suggestions are very valuable, and we thank you for your time to complete this survey.

Houston, MS