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State Superintendent Wright Visits Houston

State Superintendent Wright Encourages 

Houston School District Teachers

to Continue Making Academic Gains

Dr. Carey M. Wright, State Superintendent, recently spoke to the staff at Houston School District about the academic gains being made in Mississippi and the Houston School District.

Wright, who has been state superintendent since 2013, shared that Quality Counts, Education Week’s annual report on state-level efforts to improve public education, rated Mississippi as one of five most improved states in the nation. 

Mississippi was also ranked in top 10 in gains on the NAEP, which is the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Advanced placement and dual credit participation and proficiency rates have doubled.  The number of schools and districts rating an “A” has also increased.

Wright said the six goals of the state are: 1) all students proficient and showing growth; 2) every student graduates and is college/career ready; 3) implement early education programs; 4) every school has effective teacher and leaders; 5) schools are data-driven; and 6) all districts are a C or higher.

Houston School District, which has been rated a B district for the past two years, consistently scores in the top five for schools with the most growth on the MKAS. Houston also has a passing rate above 95% on the 3rd grade Gateway. Houston has also increased its graduation rate from 66.9% to 87% in the last four years.

By Crystel Ellison

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