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Student Release Policy

Student Release Policy


It is the policy of the Houston School District to educate all students who legally reside within the boundaries of the District. The District will not release students who are residents of the District to attend another public school district. For the students who have been released in the past, the District will grandfather those students who are are in grades 6 through 12 and who have been released for at least two consecutive years. All other students who have been released in the past will no longer be released. Once all grandfathered students have completed their education in the Houston School District, no further transfers will be allowed.


Out-of-District Students Policy


The Board adheres to provisions as set forth in state law 37-15-31 concerning non-resident students. Site administrators, in consultation with the superintendent, may refuse or delay the enrollment of out-of-district students.


Admission of out-of-district students will include an analysis of grade, behavior, and absenteeism.  The student must have and maintain a “C” and be making satisfactory progress toward promotion or graduation, in order to transfer into our district. The school principal and/or a deignee will review the merits of a student’s application prior to acceptance in our district as an out-of-district student. If admitted, grades, behavior, and attendance will be monitored. If a student becomes involved in a serious discipline issue or becomes a chronic discipline problem, they will the loose the privilege of attending Houston School District. Also, if a student has excessive absences, if their grade falls below a “C” average, or they are not making satisfactory progress toward promotion or graduation, they will loose their privilege of attending Houston School District. Out-of-district students who have been retained more than once in previous grades will not be accepted into Houston School District.


All decisions as to whether to accept out-of-district students will also be based on student-teacher ratios. This will be closely monitored, expecially at the elementary level.

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